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Hi, I am Grace and I am passionate about good food and nutrition.

Here’s a little about me… and my love for food!

Since I was in my teens I have been a little obsessed with food!  If I am honest until I had my children I wasn’t too interested in nutrition but I spent an awful lot of time calorie counting! When I had my first child my focus was understanding exactly what myself and my family was eating.

I began growing my own vegetables and later trained as a chef, where I was privileged to be working in an environment where our ethos was ‘food is medicine’.  Learning how what we eat contributes significantly to our  health and general well-being.

I spend most of my days cooking up new recipes, I love food shopping and see what is new in my local grocery store.  When I see the new fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables arriving I instantly think how will I make them into a fabulous dish that all my family will love.

I run a supperclub local to where I live and every month I put together a fresh and creative menu where I cook a meal for guests using foods that are in season and where possible locally grown.  It is always a great evening where I get to meet up who are also crazy in love with food.

Why is so important to eat well?

I have created this website to show you how creative you can be whilst eating food that is good for you!

It is my dream to help people understand how great it can be to eat healthy food and why it is so important to not only our physical health, but our mental and emotional well being too!   Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I am sure I can make you just as enthusiastic with some of my delicious recipes and advice on how we can make eating well as natural as brushing our teeth!

We’ve all made resolutions to lose weight or become healthier!  We tend to fail because most of the time it is miserable, hard work and the results can be poor.  I want to find ways to make food be appetising so that you look forward to your next meal and you aren’t even make a mental calorie head count.

I stopped counting calories about twenty years ago, before then I had memorised the calorie intake of every chocolate bar, cookie, packet of crisp, soft drink and cereal packet, (I’m not joking, I was obsessed).  It was exhausting and so depressing.  When we eat well day to day, this becomes irrelevant!

I want you to fall in love with a healthy lifestyle!

Whilst food is a huge part of this it is not the only ingredient for us to have our best lives.  Here at Grace and Live Well, we want you to fall in love with exercise, and taking time out – just for you!  We believe if you eat well, get outside everyday and make time for yourself everyday, you have a great foundation to live a happier life.  We’ll help you get there, every step of the way!

If you are not use to exercise, and hate the very thought of it, I recommend walking and we have a blog that tells you just how to start and is called the benefits of walking.  Getting outside everyday and moving our bodies, just a twenty minute walk listening to some music or listening to a podcast, will have a positive impact on your day.  That is a fact, trust me, if I could offer one piece of advice this would be it!

We also want you to find time for the things you love, your passion, your hobbies, the things we do that relax us and make us smile!  Remember those?  They can go out of the window when, life is so BUSY!  We will help you get this back to. It can take some difficult decisions, but it is absolutely possibly to have a life that means you are living in your values and its leading you to live the life you dream of!

Please check out the website, we talk about how the right foods can improve our diets.  How it’s important to eat well and that a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, is so so so good for you.  We look at fitness regimes and programmes to change how we think to ensure we live our lives, excited to get out of bed each day!

We will share recipes and look at how good nutrition is essential for good health.  We can get so obsessed with how we look on the outside, but the inside is so  much more important.  We can develop diet plans and make you feel great about the everyday choices that you make.

Follow us on Instagram @grace_and_live_well and Facebook too.  If you try one of our recipes, or you’ve had a fabulous day knowing you’ve made the right choices, let us know, we would love to hear your successes!

Live well,