Benefits of an online business – For women with little time!

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At our number one aim, is to find time, for busy women. TIME for them to do the things that they love and are passionate about, but get sidelined! Today we look at the benefits of an online business and how it might be the perfect solution.

Why should you consider starting an online business?

Firstly, it is a rapidly growing business sector, our lives are immersed in our laptops, tablets and mobile telephones. Since Covid this has only increased.

It means there is an audience for your idea and your idea can be as niche as you like. A specialty that you are passionate about, because the chances are, if you love it, there will be a big enough audience among the billions of internet users that you can build a business from.

Wealth, Health and Happiness are human desires, all of us look at solutions for problems that we have in these areas. It may be ways to build a business, to invest our savings, ways to improve our fitness, or the latest eco friendly cosmetics, self-help tips or mindfulness, the list is endless.

Within these we can break down big topics into niches, something that we are passionate about and interested in. We may have detailed knowledge and experience in the area, or maybe it is a hobby, but it is so much more interesting that your job you are now in!

Don’t let lack of confidence get in your way!

Don’t talk yourself out of starting a new online business.

The great thing about an online business is that the initial outlay can be minimal. I’m not suggesting you invest thousands of pounds or even hundreds.

For women with a lack of time for the things that they are passionate about, it is learning how to carve out this precious resource on a regular basis. Once you’ve achieved this you’ll be amazed at the progress you can make and maybe more importantly the pleasure and satisfaction it brings. WE offer a free two-week course for finding your time, feel free to sign up by simply leaving your name and email in the comment box below!

Decide what it is you want to achieve from your online business: Do you

want to make a product and sell it online?

Teach a skill with courses and videos online?

Share your passion in a blog and become an affiliate marketer?

All these can be made into a successful on line business, with the right amount of hard work!

Yes but I know my idea is already out there!

So true, but your business will still be unique as it is your own spin! You’ll appeal and attract your own tribe. It is much more important in life that we have self-worth. That we know we matter, because you absolutely do and not just to chase around and clear up after others – no matter how much you love them all! Take a chance that what excites you, or is important to you will have an audience.

I know it’s a cliche that the journey is as important as the destination, but it really is. Someone sends a comment on a blog you’ve written, or buys one of your own designs, it is a remarkable achievement. If it stems from something you love, seriously how cool is that.

The worse possible standpoint is that you’ve spent time doing something YOU LOVE and it doesn’t get seen, or bought… BUT you’ve done something you love. If that’s the worse thing… ask your self what have you got to lose?

An online business, needs to be taken seriously but on your terms. It is your business and therefore you dictate the hours and flexibility that you’ll be able to invest. Be realistic with yourself and understand that if you have only half an hour twice a week it is going to take a lot longer to get off the ground than if you put aside an hour day.

Don’t worry about anyone else!

Most importantly don’t get caught up in any other person’s race. I can be so guilty of this I see others forging ahead. I don’t know these people, I see their successes. See these women as role models, understand what they are doing well, even reach out to them, I’m always thrilled at seeing how many women love to see other women striving to live their dreams.

You don’t know how long they have had their business, the hours they have put in, the support they’ve received, or their failures and I promise you we all have those. I also don’t know their starting point. This can be key, if you need to train at the same time you can’t expect to have the same success as someone who has been an expert in the field for ten years.

Learn as you go, (that’s my approach) document your progress, your audience will see you reach milestones and see how committed you are and before you know it you’ll be at the place you need to be. We never stop learning either, make sure you stay up to date with the industry that you want to start your business in, it will help you be ahead of your competitors.

I can even beat myself up when I don’t meet my own arbitrary challenges and I haven’t met a deadline that I decided upon simply because the next day was Friday and I wanted it done by the weekend. Running your own online business maybe a full-time affair for you, but don’t think you can’t have one just because it’s something you are only able to commit to a certain number of hours per week.

Feeling Inspired?

I am hoping so! I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have found them incredible. I have set up free websites with them and the training on how to grow my business has been excellent. Both online businesses have stemmed from ideas that I am passionate about and I am quickly developing and building on them!

I have copied in one of their training pages about creating your niche which you may find helpful.

One last thing… reach out to the online Community

It’s also worth pointing out that there is a great online community that offers free training and webinars for every aspect of setting up a business – in fact it’s what I spent most of my time doing, during lockdown. (There is usually an upsale, but I’ve not once experienced any hard selling – it’s a real turn off for online consumers.) Yet, the content I’ve received has been invaluable.

So if you have the idea, but not the business or email marketing knowhow, don’t feel you can’t move forward. I promise you, you can, and we are always here to help. Leave a message / question in the comment box and we will get back to you with some advice or support!

I hope this has been of value, let us know if you decide to set up your business, we’ll support you all we can! IF you would like the online 2 week course to help you find more time in your life just for you, remember to leave your name and email in our comment box.

Live well

Grace x