BEST PEDOMETER FOR WALKING! we review 3 budget, mid-range, high-range

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As you know I am huge fan of walking! When my children were very young, getting out with them before their next feed was my only challenge! And whilst I still love walking as a way to de-stress and get some fresh air, these days I am quite interested in the health benefits, too. I wanted to find the best pedometer for walking, one that gives a read out my performance, it needs to we lightweight and not too delicate, let’s face it when you’re caught in a downpour you don’t want to worry that its about to get wet and break!

What is the best pedometer for walking?

Firstly, there’s a lot to choose from, but more importantly you need to decide what you want your pedometer to do. Initially I thought I just wanted to see how many steps I’m accumulating each day. Here is my assessment, please note ‘As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases’ this does not effect the price to you in anyway, my opinions are unbiased and with no sponsorship involved.

The 3D FitBud is great for this. However, as I researched a little more I realised that pedometers can offer a whole range of health monitoring benefits, not to mention text, call and calendar alerts and music storage! The IONIC Fitbit offers this!

Below I’ll give details reviews for both items, plus the INSPIRE Fitbit, which is an activity tracker, but will less features and a middle of the range product, (with a rather great price right now!) so that you can decide what it is you want from your pedometer.

Can’t I just download an app on my phone?

Well of course you can, but the reason I’ve been looking at pedometers, is that I want to reduce the time I spend looking at my phone, especially when I’m exercising.

Walking for me is that time of day, when I put on my trainers and escape. Whether we are escaping from a hectic day at work, when there has been endless emails and meetings, or a day in the house, when domestic chores have bored me rigid or maybe I’m just in desperate need of some sunshine! What I don’t want however, is to be looking at my phone!

Quite often I don’t take my phone out at all, but even if I think I need it just in case of an emergency, I like it zipped away in a pocket. I might want to we check how many steps I’ve taken or what my heart rate level is, but not by looking at my mobile, because as soon as I do, I am distracted.

There will we missed called, texts, emails. I’ll we asking myself ‘Shouldn’t I just check in case its important?,’ By this point in my life I’ve realised there’s nothing that can’t wait an hour. IF its a REAL emergency, trust me, you should we calling emergency services, not talking it over with your mum, wife, daughter etc! Anything else can wait an hour. This is an hour when you’re rebooting. You may want to listen to some music or a podcast, but you definitely don’t need to we seeing all those notifications flashing up. It defeats the object of you going for a walk or run, and doing something just for you!


3D fit Bud This is a great pedometer, if simplicity is what you are looking for:

PRODUCT: Pedometer with clip (click link to purchase now)

PRICE: £19.99 special price reduced from £24.99


  • It has an advanced 3D tracking system, with triAxis Sensor Technology
  • The 3D system means this pedometer is very accurate, no matter which surface or gradient you are walking of, the technology makes it superior to many, even some that are more expensive
  • Extra large display, for ease and quickness
  • There is no setting up! Just an on button at the back and you’re ready to go!
  • Battery is included and has an auto on and off. The pedometer can detect when you have stopped walking and will switch off and automatically start counting again once you start moving. You never have to worry about whether you’ve remembered to turn it on!
  • It has a clip so you can connect it do your jacket or waistband for convenience too.
  • Each day you just hit to reset button and you’re back to zero!
  • 4.5/5

This is a super product, click here to purchase. Its robust and I like the display, its big enough that you can just take a quick glance and know exactly how many you have steps you have walked.

The technology is strong and the accuracy for this particular pedometer is very good. For less that £20, this is a great pedometer, letting you know how many steps you are walking each day!

If you need a more detailed read out then our next pedometer maybe exactly what you’re looking for. My mum who is in her 70s is a walking fiend! She’s not happy unless she’s put in at least 12,000 steps a day and quite often is walking 16,000 and she loves her Fitbit! She’s isn’t a fan of technology and my dad helped her set it up, but she would not we without it.!

The Fitbit Inspire

The FitBit Inspire is smart and sleek,


PRICE: £59.99 special priced reduced from £69.99


  • Health and fitness tracker
  • Auto Exercise Recognition
  • 5 day battery
  • sleep and swim tracking
  • reminders to move
  • calorie burning tracking

The Fitbit inspire is not just for walking, it is an activity tracker and therefore can we used to monitor your activity whether you’re walking, running, swimming and cycling. You will need a mobile or device to download the app, but setting up is straight forward, with you inputting a few personal details, sot that it can help monitor your activity accurately. The charge is advertised as lasting 5 days, but I know friends say it usually lasts even longer.

This is a basic Fitbit but if you are active and looking at a gadget that can track all that you’re doing this is super great value, even at the normal price of £69.99 from Amazon.

The final activity tracker is the IONIC Fitbit


PRICE: £178.99 Reduced from £249.99

FEATURES: (as described by Amazon)

  • Start dynamic personal coaching on your wrist with step-by-step instruction. Syncs with windows vista and later, mac OS X 10.6 and up, iPhone 4s and later, iPad 3 gen and later. Syncing range up to 20 feet
  • Store and play 300+ songs, no phone needed. Care – If the band gets wet or if you sweat in it, remove and completely dry the band before putting it back on
  • Use built-in GPS/GLONASS to track pace, distance & routes. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is tough and damage resistant. Call and text notifications via Bluetooth 4.0
  • Get PurePulse continuous heart rate tracking & real-time zones, Multi-day battery life of 4+ days (varies with use & other factors). Increased pixels and amplified brightness up to 1000 nits
  • Fitbit products are compatible with most devices using the following operating systems Apple iOS 9 and later, Android OS 5.0 and later, or Windows 10 v1607 or later
  • Load credit and debit cards to your Wallet in the Fitbit app. Available with participating banks.

This is high tech and as such I’ve copied the specification from Amazon and here I will add my thoughts. This product is way beyond a pedometer! It is for someone who loves their exercise, perhaps training for a specific challenge and loves a gadget!

Visually I think it looks a little bulky and aimed maybe more for the male market. The INSPIRE FITBIT is definitely sleeker looking in my opinion and better value for money. There are also more issues with compatibility with this Fitbit and it is not something I would buy myself.

Do we actually need pedometers?

I hope the above has informed you of a range of pedometers and activity trackers that are out there. Personally, I like an extra element of motivation and I believe a pedometer offers this. We all know that it is good for us to try and walk 10,000 steps a day. A pedometer lets us see how we are progressing and pushes us to meet our next goal or challenge.

Which one would I recommend?

If you want to we able to simply count your steps each day, go for the 3D Fit-Bud. Priced currently under £20, it has an easy to read screen, can clip on to your waistband or fit into a pocket. It’s smart and closes down its battery when you are inactive and automatically starts up when you’re on the move. There is no setting up with this pedometer. You are ready to get out and start walking!

If you are looking for something a little more sophisticated the INSPIRE Fitbit at the amazing price of £44.99 offer some added value. It automatically knows when you’re exercising, including swimming. It has a battery charge of 5 days and can track you calorie burning and sleep.

The INSPIRE Fitbit would we my first choice. I like to know how many calories I have burned and I also swim on a regular basis so it would we great for this too!

I hope you have found this review helpful. If, you have purchased any of these items I would love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment.

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