Fresh Food Delivery Service. Does it make life easier?

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Right now, with people all over the world still restricted by COVID-19, many of us have looked at signing up to a fresh food delivery service. For a while now I’ve had organic vegetable boxes delivered to my home, full of local, organic, seasonal and super fresh produce, but now I wonder if having all the ingredients delivered for specific meals might be the way forward!

Well how does it work?

Companies work in a variety of ways, (and there are lots to choose from, and they are growing every day!!). For them to be successful they need to understand exactly what we want: good quality food, flexibility, convenience and great customer care. Their service has to be better than you going to the shops, or that’s exactly what you’ll do!

Companies can offer complete meals, with fresh produce that is pre portioned, with a recipe sheet so that you know exactly how to cook your dinner! You can choose how many meals a week and when you want your delivery to arrive. You can choose how many people you are cooking for: is it for you, you and your partner, a family of five? Will you have dietary requirements? Some companies many deliver specific foods, eg fresh local fruit and vegetable boxes, others will include a complete meal.

We will look at a number of companies and see exactly what it is they offer!

Benefits for you…!

Fresh Food Delivery Services are a rapidly growing industry; and not only because of Covid-19. (though the appeal right now, is bigger than ever). Companies at the beginning of lock down were inundated with orders! Not having to queue at supermarkets and having the reassurance that your food will be delivered has made a huge difference to our everyday lives during this time!

Before this year and now moving forward, delivery services such as Home Fresh, MindfulChef and Gousto having been growing in popularity. They are a perfect solution for busy mums, professionals and those that simply hate the thought of ‘what shall we have for dinner?’ It can become the biggest drag of the day, deliberating ‘what to make for dinner?’, there is always one vital ingredient missing and it means you’ll have to make yet another trip to the shops! Sound familiar?

For me this is where a Fresh Food Delivery Service comes into its own. These headaches are taken away, You go the fridge take out your meal box for the day and away you go! Life has become simpler and it is convenient. This is just what we want at – finding ways to make time for the things that we love to do and enjoy!

Now if you know me, you’ll know I love cooking. I am actually a chef, so I can be picky when it comes to my food but the headaches are the same for me. Especially every day at home, when I’m busy. Having to find the time for an hour trip to the shops and back means that I won’t be able to fit in my run and listen to my podcast. Suddenly the part of the day I was really looking forward to has now been replaced with finding a car pack space, queuing at the checkouts and sitting in traffic!

Food Delivery Services may seem a real luxury, but they do offer real value. Firstly, to get you try the service there are some brilliant offers, right now in June 2020! 50% off your first delivery, money-back guarantees, free deliveries. Also, you are paying for exactly what you need. I have friends who have estimated they have saved 25%-30% on their food shopping costs because they no longer buy all those tempting added extras!

Now I can’t promise your food will be delivered in a van as sweet as this one!! but you can be quite choosy about the day and times of when your meal box arrives!

Interested? but thinking, I’m at work all day…

Like so many online business getting their food boxes delivered is a critical part of the process and where food is concerned, there are strict guidelines which must be adhered to. These companies quite often offer free delivery especially for orders over a certain amount, but for an additional charge you maybe able to book a slot that is at the weekend or later in the evening. Not only that but the food will need to be delivered at a controlled temperature and therefore the packaging required will need to be able to regulate temperatures for a certain amount of time. Check out individual companies for their actual guidelines. However if you’re running an hour or two late and are not in for your delivery you know that your food has being properly packaged.

Who is offering this service?

We mentioned a few of the companies already HomeFresh, Gousto, Mindful Chef, and My Prep, these are some of the biggest names in the market and we’ll take a look and see at what they have to offer. Below is a list of benefits that stood out for me. It is by no means all that these companies offer, but more of an idea!


  • They offer a choice of plans, from their ‘Classic Box’ where you can choose for 20 recipes each week.
  • Boxes offer a great variety, including traditional dishes and recipes from all across the world.
  • There are vegetarian options and meals that have been developed for those wanting a balanced diet.
  • For those where convenience is a factor you can choose the ‘Rapid Box’ where meals are ready in 20 minutes of less!
  • Free daytime delivery


  • Offers 40plus recipes each week
  • Precise ingredients (which means there is no food waste)
  • 100% British meat
  • Easy recipes and you can choose whether your meals are for 2 or 4 people


  • ‘A health-focused’ food box company
  • Proud of the suppliers and values, offering grass fed meat and free-range chicken
  • Meals are low in refined carbohydrates
  • They love their veggies.
  • 16 recipes to choose from
  • Great charity scheme where for every meal they sell, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.


  • Food boxes for those who are fitness training and health conscious
  • Meals are nutritious,
  • Suited to individuals with busy lives (delivers Saturdays only)
  • 7 day shelf life
  • Meals require no cooking, designed to be microwaved

Well what do you think?

I hope this article has given you some ‘food for thought’ (sorry I couldn’t help myself!!), I will be definitely signing up to try out these schemes and I will let you know what I’ve found out! If you already have, please leave a comment below, I would like the website to become a place where people are happy to share relevant and supportive information.

Live Well

Grace x