How to create more time for… YOU!

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Ladies, time goes, there are 24 hours in every day and yet we sometimes find it difficult to carve out fifteen minutes for ourselves. Let’s see if we can break this down and work out ‘How to create more time for ….YOU!

Do we really need ‘me time’?

Absolutely! Finding time for ourselves is essential if we are going to live our lives, with a sense of calm, positivity and happiness. Today’s blog follows on from last weeks, ‘what is the key to happiness?’ I believe that for many of us, our lives have become so busy the core to our own well-being, can quite often becomes overlooked.

We do our utmost for our loved ones every day and we cheat ourselves into believing this is enough and more; that this is how it should be! We feel as long as we meet everyone needs, everything will be okay. For a while this maybe true but it can easily lead to us feeling: exhausted, resentful of those around us and starved of creativity and pleasure.

Well how do we find this elusive ‘time’ and what do we do with it?

Work out the amount of time you would ideally need. Is it a half an hour a day, (maybe even 15 minutes) or would you benefit from a few hours clumped together? For me small breaks when time was severely limited worked best. I also found a routine where I would be out with my little ones in the morning, exhaust them so that they would have a long afternoon nap. No matter what else needed to be done around the house, I would always use half an hour of nap time just for me.

Really what amazing things did you do? Honestly I watched Neighbours or Home and Away and looking back, I can’t help but think what I really could have got accomplished during ‘nap time,’ if I had been more focused and understood what I needed? Never lose sight of how these small amounts of time can build in to something significant. Having been on courses and belonging to groups with women who have small children I am awestruck with their ambition and drive. The way it works best is that they know when to stop.

Time for ourselves is very personal and individual. For one person it may mean an afternoon at a spa, where you are pampered; for others, it might be an afternoon baking or planting up a new flower bed, or simply reading a book. For me the distinction is that you are doing something that will enhance your day, at the end of it you will feel better and it definitely needs to be guilt-free. Also, this time is separate from your social life, this is time just for you!

I can’t see the point of spending a hundred pounds on a spa treatment if for the next week, you are trying to justify spending the money. This doesn’t mean you can’t spend money, in fact it is the opposite. It’s saying this is something that is going to help my well-being, it is IMPORTANT and I am WORTH it.

Once we can spend money on ourselves, guilt-free, it begins to open up opportunities and this is a great part of unlocking our inner happiness and finding a purpose in life. When, have time to relax we begin to feel more creative.

How do we find the time?

Start small if you find it difficult. I know that for those of you with young children, this can feel like an impossible task. Please read my previous blog this looked at this important issue in detail and it is key for you to understand how to claim some time back. If you can find half an hour a day I believe this can have the impact to change your life!

This is a bold statement and I stand by it because this is what I did. Almost by accident at first. I had a business idea that simply wouldn’t go away and in the end I couldn’t ignore the screaming in my head to ‘give it a try, what’s the worse that can happen.’

I decided I would invest 30 minutes a day. At this point my youngest had started school, but I was working and with three children aged 5, 12 and 18 life was certainly hectic, but either early in the morning or evening I would find those thirty minutes, no more Australian soaps! During this time I would research the legal requirements for my business, understand the basics to a business plan and started practising and writing up recipes.

It took a while but the feeling that I was beginning to make progress, really spurred me on. Eventually after about five or six months I opened up my first business, a food delivery service Dish of the Day, for our local elderly community. It became a full time business and I gave it my all for two years, until I decided to train as a chef! Over this time my life changed and so did how I spent my day. There were still the same 24 hours, but I quit my gardening work and got help around the house. My hours were now spent working towards a successful business. It was hard work and I was definitely no less tired, but my self confidence improved and from this point my life really did take off, and the satisfaction I felt from this was fantastic!

So please don’t think that your dreams are just that, I promise you with determination and effort you can realise your potential and the adventures and (headaches) you have on the way, you look back and realise all that you have achieved. I also had an extremely limited budget, around £5,000 which included buying a van!

It is even easier now, setting up, on-line businesses mean your initial capital can be almost nothing! Use your time effectively, listen to yourself and you may not be able to grow and the speed you would like, but one thing is definite in life is that everything changes, the important this is to find enjoyment in all that you do.

You can find pleasure at feeding time with your own little monkeys, if a couple of hours before you managed to get a small taks accomplished thats important to you. Maybe it’s booking a course to learn a new skill, a simple one off workshop. It’s going to cost £50 but its something you’ve been wanting to do for ages. THIS IS SIGNIFICANT:

  • You’ve found time for you
  • Youre learning a new skill
  • You’ll meet new people, who may become new friends, or open your eyes to a business possibility
  • You have the looking forward to it factor, which is powerful and so important for our busy lives!
  • You’ve spent time on yourself, you’ve switched off from the norm and you are in a different environment, doing something just for you. Hopefully by the end of the workshop, you’ll be feeling energised, and happier!

Hang on – if I have free time, why on earth do I want more hard work?

The thing is whilst going out for coffee or a few drinks can give us an immediate lift, and that is important, this is your social life. Your friends undoubtedly will help with your emotional well-being and simply bring along fun and laughter – let’s face it without that, we really are losing our sights on what’s important! However, when we work towards something that is just for us, it enables us to focus on being responsible for our futures. There’s no hiding away from it all. YOU become in control of your life and how you want it to evolve.

It doesn’t have to be a big plan with every stage mapped out, but when you make some goals to work towards, your life becomes INTERESTING! We all have our passions and interests and its vital we don’t ignore them.

Not sure where to start?

At Liv with Grace, we have put together a two-week course, completely free of charge, which explores how you can find this time and rediscover past passions or maybe something new! If you are interested please leave your email address in the comments box below and we will send it straight over and keep you updated with our newsletter, offering tips in all aspects of our well-being: fitness, diet, positivity and lifestyle.  The course will take 15-30 minutes a day, and centres on seeing how you currently spend your time and how moving forward it’s important to factor in ‘ME TIME’.

I would love you to work for two weeks at finding the best ways to help you establish regular ‘me time’. It is not about being selfish it is about accepting that when you have time to yourself you are a better all round, kiss ass, woman and happier too!  Sign up today and PLEASE let me know how you get one!!!!

Live well

Grace x