How to make your dreams a reality – a practical guide

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September is quickly approaching! It means one thing to me: new term, fresh start, what can I learn next? This post is a practical guide for ‘how to make your dreams a reality’.

This is the time to start your new adventure

Right now is a fabulous time to put new plans in to action. The whole world has experienced life differently from what we expected or imagined just six months ago, but the good news is that colleges, studios, workshops are all beginning to open back up, offering a huge range of courses for us to embark upon.

Lock down may have given you the opportunity to think about a career change, many of us may have seen our businesses put on hold or our jobs become redundant. This can of course cause us worry and anxiety, but it can also be the perfect time for a change and to reassess if you were happy with your current career, and work/life balance.

My full time role is as a chef, which has meant my business ground to a halt during lock down. I had two fabulous supper clubs to host last week and it felt so good to be doing what I love once again. Not only that, Covid-19 has made me re-focus on the importance of a strong immune system and eating well and so a few weeks ago I signed up for a course with a certification in nutrition. This will add value to meal plans that I design and for my recipe books.

Sign up for something new…

Have you thought about doing something similar? This is a great time to turn dream into reality. At Live with Grace we are always encouraging women to find time for their dreams. We believe not only is it important to have down time but also it is vital we find time to grow!

As soon as you’ve finished reading and have left a comment to tell us what you are thinking of signing up for – (I really would love to know) go to your laptop’s search engine and start seeing what’s available.

There are often taster courses that are inexpensive and sometime free, if you are unsure as to where to start.

I know it can make you feel a little apprehensive ‘going back to school’ but for us to change the path we’re on we have to step outside of our comfort zones.

In 2017, I signed up for Culinary School and I’ll be absolutely honest I was nothing short of terrified. I had no idea if I would cope with the course, but I new I loved food and that I wanted to make a career in the food industry. Without going to college not only would I not have gained my qualifications, I would never have had the confidence to make the choices and grasp the opportunities that learning has afforded me.

Once you’ve found a course that interests you, reach out to the college/learning centre. Explain how you are hoping to use your newly acquired skills and they will make sure that you are signing up for the correct entry level and that it is the right course for you.

Even if you are signing up for something new for personal enjoyment (PLEASE DO) it is important you’re on the right level, if you have some experience let the advisers know, it may be there’s an intermediate or advanced course that would set you more a challenge. Remember you are going to learn, it is okay to struggle sometimes, the achievement is all the greater.

Not keen to actually go to college?

The availability of on line courses has sky-rocketed in the past couple of years. They can often be less expensive and the range of courses is truly staggering. In the past year I have found Centre of Excellence; which offers an incredibly wide range of courses and there are often some great special offers too!  Their assessment based courses mean you are able to learn as and when suits you best.

Many online courses don’t have a fixed schedule, enabling you to learn at your own pace, ideal if you have young children or have to work shifts, and find it difficult to fit in a one day a week at college or evenings!  This way you don’t have lose out.


One word of warning…

At Liv with Grace we want to help women as much as we can, by offering support, encouragement and inspiration. I am a huge advocate for education, I like to think I will attain new skills and knowledge throughout my entire life BUT don’t let it stand in your way of DOING. It can be possible to hide away from actually pursing our dreams by continuing our studies. If you enjoy learning, you’ll always find another course which could benefit your dream or side hustle.

Women can often be much more reluctant to give things a go, to believe we have enough knowledge and we’ll work out the rest as we go. It’s commonly known as ‘winging it’ many have made careers out of it (especially men, it is proven!), I often thing most of our politicians have governed our country with the same approach!

Joking aside, what I mean is that if you want to fly a plane you will need your pilot’s license, but if like me you wanted to cook, well sign up for a course, gain all your technical know how, but the experience of working in a restaurant is invaluable. Without the experience you can’t fully appreciate what is required of you and put your skills to good use.

This is a good thing..

It can mean you’ll earn as you learn, your in-house work experience will complement your formal learning and you’ll be working with people that really know their stuff. So if you get stuck at college you’ll have an office or studio or kitchen full of those who can help you.

If you’re wanting to start a business on your own, if it’s possible, coincide this with your college course. Again you’ll have people at college who may have just the skills and know how to help get your business of the ground. One of my tutors at college I remain in contact with. They had such a positive impact on my learning and self-confidence. A tutor/teacher who loves their job will want to see you flourish and succeed!

This just feels too big a step

I get that, I do, but the question that gets me up and going when I hit a wall…( and I do, it’s not easy juggling work, home and family) is this ‘how will I feel if I don’t? How will I feel if I do?’

Well right in the minute?

Maybe a little relieved, I’m being ridiculous, spending all that money on a course, I probably won’t even like it, and if I like it, no one will ever pay me a salary to do it?’

One Week later, email arrives ‘last chance to enroll’?

Ooh I could, I have thought about it a couple of times this week, especially when the kid’s were driving me insane and I was hanging out the third wash load of the day, but no it’s silly. I can’t afford it anyway.

3 months later? Course would be finishing its first term

By now you could have had first one or two assessments completed, you may have passed with flying colours. You’ve met a lovely group of like-minded people.

1 year later?

The course has finished and you have passed, you have a qualification, not only that you are buzzing, this one course has made you assess your future.

10 years later? (This can really help you to make up your mind)

You may look back and feel regret. If you believe this might be how you feel, please try to find a way to give something new a try. Colleges often offer grants or student loans. They can help with child care costs or you maybe able to pay in installments. Let them know you need financial help. Remember a student loan only needs repaying once you reach a certain salary.

In ten years time, you could be doing the job or running the business that you always wanted to do. You decided to stay on at college and work towards the next level, eventually you graduated. It wasn’t easy getting the right job at first, but after a couple of years experience you found the dream employer and you love your job. Not only you are earning a great salary, you are looking forward to new adventures.

Need someone to talk it over with?

Mentoring is a relatively new thing, but so useful especially as we are embarking on big life changes. Someone who understands your dilemma and issues who can help rationalise your decisions when panic strikes late on a Sunday evening, (this will happen, and its okay, we’ve all been there)!!

Mentors can help you understand the choices you have and, help you to feel in control. We really do only have this one life. We’re not all going to win the lottery and escape to a desert island but we should know what makes us happy. We should be able to find the time to grown and understand what it is that we want from our lives.

IF this blog has hit a nerve, please leave a comment, let us know what you would like to sign up for? If you can’t find it let me know, i’ll do my best to help!

IF you’re unsure what it is that you want to do, consider our FREE two week course. It simply requires, you to spend around 20-30 minutes a day to work through some exercises that highlight how you spend your day and what maybe missing, that you would love to do.

Here’s a response from one of our fabulous followers who completed the course a few weeks ago ‘the course definitely focused my attention and made me aware of the potential and the power to control my own decisions I make on a day to day business… I would highly recommend to anyone’

I hope this has given you lots to think over, if you are not sure of what your next step is, in fact, finding the time is half the trouble, remember to try the course, simply leave your name and email in the comment section and we can send it straight over. No hassle!

If you do sign up for something new let us know, we here to support and celebrate your achievements!

Live well,